Top rated toilets and how to find them

I spent so much time trying to bring the visions I had for my bathroom to life. Even with years upon years of working in the industry as a plumber every day, I often found it difficult to get the smaller details right. Especially when it comes to the toilet. But with a perseverance, and a little bit of help from, I found the right combination of features to handle everything I throw at it. Hopefully, this guide will help you get the same results with individual specifications listed and their significance.

Material – OK, so you’ve found a product you like the look of, so the first thing you need to check is the material and its surface. Not justy the bowl, but the tank as well. For best results vitreous china is recommended, with a touch of glazing made to ensure there is very little waste left in the bowl after use.

Trapway – A few things to consider when it comes to the trapway. First of all, the size. The larger this is, the less chances of blockages happening. Secondly, the actual exterior of the bowl usually can be divided between models that have the trap concealed or visible. Concealed options are also known as skirted toilets and are ideal for people who are wanting something easy to clean and maintain.

Seat – The seat isn’t always part of the parcel when you buy a new toilet. In fact, there has plenty of occassions where it has not. So ensure you know if it’s included as it can easily set you back an extra fifty bucks if you’re not careful. You should also investigate into the type of seat it is. I’m personally a fan of soft close seats because the noise reduction is brilliant and helps me relieve stress.

Flush mechanism – Single flush systems used to be the go to option. But with advances in technology and innovations, times have changed and there are numerous types of flushing mechanisms available on the market. From Dual to touchless, siphonic to washdown, there is plenty to consider.

Efficiency – Consumers can forget all about how economically friendly a toilet is. But this is something we advise readers to look into before they buy. Simply because you’re going to save money in the long run. You should be on the lookout for a WaterSense label when shopping as that indicates it consumes 1.28 gallons and below. Compared to some of the older plumber systems I’ve worked with in both residential and commercial settings, these new and improved ways of conserving water are fantastic. Depending on the manufacturer you ask, you can expect to make around twenty percent saving in comparison to 1.6 GPF models.

Brand – Mansfield, Delta, KOHLER, American Standard, and TOTO toilets, there is so many brands to choose from. We don’t want to suggest any one in particular, but TOTO are certainly a good shout. They’re known for reliability and durability and if you do a bit of research online, you’ll find many customers who’re are extremely happy with their purchases.

Price – Again, this is something we can’t just provide a recommendation for. Everyone financial situation is different. What we will say is that if you’ve got five hundred bucks to spend, you’ve got enough cash to buy something that has excellent MaP flush performance rating and good enough for almost any household. The low budget options you should be wary of, as they have a reputation for failing and needing fixes more often.

Hopefully this will help you in finding the best toilet for your needs. Picking out one from the crowd that qualify can be another task altogether. Webites like can help with their reviews. But for the most part, by following this guide, you’re less likely to buy something you’re unhappy with.

To round this all off, I’d like to give you a couple of suggestions. For me, the TOTO Drake two piece, the American Standard Fairfield one piece, and the KOHLER Memoirs are all good bets. Solid functionality, with plenty of consumer feedback to back it up.