About EveryAuth

Good day to you wherever you are in the world today and welcome to my plumbing website. For the longest time, I have been contemplating producing a massive resource for plumbers and home owners to improve and hone their own skills in an effort to bring their bathroom visions to fruition. That’s exactly what this site will be, with a growing community of both tradesmen and complete beginners alike sharing thoughts and inspiring one another.

So, who am I? My name is James and I come from Texas. I’ve had a long career in plumbing and am fast approaching retirement age. So this will be something to keep me going as a hobby one I hang up my tool kit. Naturally, I feel I’m well placed to offer readers advice when it comes to all forms of washroom hardware and fixtures such as showers, toilets, the flow of water, and finding solutions to common problems people face.

Each week more guides will be released so make sure you come back to check the latest tips.

Speak soon.