Common toilet problems and solutions

We have previously focused on what features and specifications make a good toilet, today, I want to be focusing on some of the common problems people run into and the ways you can go about fixing them.

Clogged up – Blockages are irritating. But with the flushing technology available in today’s market, it doesn’t happen as often as it used to. But in the rare cases it does happen, you will need to be prepared. Your first course of action should always be the trusty plunger. It may seem simple, but there is no point risking potential damage to your toilet without trying this. You’ll find the majority of the time, this will send the waste through the trap and unblock it. However, some things don’t turn out to be so simple. If you’ve got a heavy blockage, this can be more of a cause for concern. A snake or auger is built for such a job as it can coil round each of the bends in the piping and latch onto anything in the way. If this still doesn’t do the trick, your time may be better served by hiring a professional plumber.

Water on the floor around the bowl – This can be a number of things. The worst case scenario is you have a cracked bowl and water is escaping. If that’s the case, you will need to purchase a new one. However, this can also mean the wax sealing at the bottom is worn and no longer fully sealing it. This can be fixed by purchasing a new wax ring. This tends to happen in older units.

Loose toilet seat – The obvious fix for this would be to get a new one. However, you may just need new hinges or to tighten the screws/bolts.

This section will be updated as soon as more questions come in from readers. I look forward to researching into and explaining solutions for you.